Adult Orthodontics

It’s never too late to get your best smile

Age should not be a barrier to having a beautiful smile or maintaining great dental health. We are finding that many more mature adults are choosing orthodontic treatment, not only to straighten teeth and manage the condition of their oral health, but increasingly they are looking to improve their smile and boost their confidence.

Orthodontic braces today are much more comfortable than even a few years ago, and because they are smaller and technically advanced they can be very discreet.

So, if you have had a lifetime dream of a beautiful smile, but don’t want the world to know you are wearing braces, we will be pleased to discuss how discreet options such as Invisalign, clear, or lingual braces may be able to help you get the smile you have always wanted.

Finally, depending on your overall dental health and bone structure, they may be even more effective and provide results faster than you expect. So book your free consultation today!

Benefits of orthodontic treatment as an adult

For many adults having straighter teeth is the main reason to pursue orthodontic treatment. But that is only part of the story. Along with the all the benefits of greater self-confidence, and a beautiful smile, you will get the added bonus of:

  • Easier tooth cleaning and flossing because of more consistent spacing.
  • Lower risk of gum disease and fillings.
  • Increased comfort when biting and chewing which may have the benefit of improving your digestion.
  • Less wear on your teeth because of better alignment.
  • And yes, you will smile more!

Types of adult braces

At M-Brace Orthodontics we offer a range of orthodontic treatments, from traditional metal fixed braces and fixed tooth-coloured braces, to the virtually invisible Invisalign aligners, or discrete Incognito lingual braces that fit behind your teeth.

Each one of these options can help you achieve the straight smile you have always dreamed of, in a way that suits your timescale, lifestyle and budget. Click below for more information about these treatments.

What problems do adult patients want to fix?

Crowded teeth

Nearly 45% of people in the UK have dental crowding and it is the most common reason to embark on treatment. In some cases extractions are necessary to create enough space to align teeth.

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Gappy teeth

Gaps can occur for many reasons such as having larger than average jaws or smaller than average teeth. Sometimes it is because the adult teeth don’t come through which leaves spaces in the mouth.

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Sticking out teeth

This is called protrusion, and can happen where the lower jaw is positioned too far back making the upper teeth appear to stick out. In some people their upper teeth can also lean forward.

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Open bite

Upper and lower teeth not meeting at the front of the mouth can make biting into food such as apples difficult. This can be a complex problem to treat and may require jaw surgery.

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Deep bite

When your upper teeth close too far over the lower teeth, damage can occur. The lower teeth biting into the back of upper teeth may cause tooth wear and some people have front teeth which lean inwards.


Upper teeth closing behind lower teeth can not only create a wonky smile, it can make eating more challenging because there is no natural bite. Tooth damage or wear to the tips of the teeth can occur.

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