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Please send us photos of your smile from all sides

  • First bite down on your back teeth and smile widely.
  • Pull your lips and cheeks back using your index and middle finger.
  • Take and upload three photos: of the front, right side and left side of your bite.
  • Use the photos below as a guide.

Now show your full smile and also your upper and lower teeth from inside your mouth

  • First take a photo of your normal smile, smiling widely and showing your teeth - even if you don't normally show your teeth when you smile.
  • Then for the next two photos you'll need to open your mouth wide as you're photographing the inside of your mouth: tilting your head up for a better view, take a photo of the top inside arch of your teeth and next tilt your head down and take a photo of the bottom inside arch of your teeth.
  • It may be easier to ask a friend to help you take last two.
  • Use the three photos below as a guide.
Normal smile showing teeth
Top inside view of teeth
Bottom inside view of teeth